Day 8

Last year about this time Josh & I were selected as candidates for our church’s Presbytery service.  Neither us of had ever been in a presbytery service and we didn’t really know what was a presbytery was, so I’m guessing a lot of you don’t know what it is either..  so I’ll brief you.

A presbytery is when a team of ministers with the gift of prophecy get together and speak words of encouragement and edification from the Lord over your life.  Pretty cool, huh?  (If you want to hear a really awesome teaching on it, you can go here and listen to the message “I Like Presbytery” by my pastor, Robert Morris.)

We are going to have our presbytery service in Frisco tomorrow, and we attended the one at our Southlake campus last night.  So today I’ve really been thinking about what an amazing experience that was for us last year.  I’m so grateful we got to be apart of it.  God spoke so many confirming words over our lives through 3 presbyters who had never met us and knew nothing about us!  It was one of the coolest things that’s ever happened to us in our walk with God.

Pastor Robert just preached on 1 Timothy 1:18, “Based on the prophetic words spoken over you earlier.. may they help you fight the good fight of faith.” His message reminded me to not to forget the words God spoke over us that day, but to keep them in front of us so they can inspire and aide us to fight the good fight of faith.

Much of my list tonight is thanking God for some of the specific words spoken over us during that service..  they encouraged us then and will continue to inspire and aide us as we fight the good fight!

  1. “Josh has a pure heart & the pure in heart see God”
  2. “Josh has A true pastor’s heart”
  3. “That the Lord has called Josh to ministry”
  4. “We have a really, really deep connectedness in our marriage”
  5. “We’ve imparted some really good things into our kids and will continue to do that”
  6. “The Lord says, well done in being great parents”
  7. “Sarah loves kids and sees the future in them”
  8. “Josh has a shepherds heart, teacher’s mind, and preacher’s passion”
  9. “Kids follow Josh now, but older people will follow him later in ministry”
  10. “Malachi 4 is our theme.  God will turn the hearts of the fathers to the sons and the daughters and will turn the hearts of the sons and the daughters to the fathers
  11. “The provision for the vision is coming”
  12. “Sarah is not just intuitive, but has discernment and a keen prophetic insight”
  13. “Sarah is standing on the shoulders of those who have gone before her  (Grandparents)”
  14. “Sarah is a perfect partner in ministry with Josh”
  15. “Sarah is to teach people to be worshippers”
  16. “Josh consistently promoted through the ranks of authority”
  17. “Josh has the pen of a ready writer.  Songs, books, web sites, and blogs.”
  18. “Sarah has the gift of encouraging, the gift of healing, and intercessor”
  19. “Josh has the gift of leadership, the gift of giving and prophecy”
  20. We were selected as candidates last year for the presbytery
  21. Jimmy Evans, Clark Whitten, & Wayne Drain for allowing God to use them and speak into our lives
  22. That I got to spend time catching up with my sweet friend Julie today
  23. Gus and Beau had a great time swimming with their friends from church
  24. Craig Groeschel’s message “From This Day Forward. Part 1” great reminder on the importance of praying together with your spouse
  25. For the extra long, 3 hour nap Beau took this afternoon.
  26. My niece Gentry’s eye surgery went well today.
  27. 5 years ago today my little nephew Aidan was born!
  28. The genuine and sweet encouragement I got from Karleigh Wood when I ran into her at Target today.

One thought on “Day 8

  1. minnyhaggy23 says:

    I love it all but especially 9, 11 and 18! I was actually interested in what that was…google was no help, thanks for that!

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