Day 7

Today I had the privilege of teaching the five year olds at church the story of Jehoshaphat.  I love this story out of 2 Chronicles 2.  A great army was rising against Jehoshaphat and his kingdom.  He prayed and asked God for help, God told him that He would take care of it and that Jehoshaphat wouldn’t even have to fight.

All Jehoshaphat needed was a word from the Lord.  That was enough for him.  So he bowed his head with his face to the ground, and all Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem fell down before the Lord, worshiping Him.  They worshiped him before they saw the word from the Lord come to pass.  And the next day it did come to pass!  The army coming against Jehoshaphat destroyed themselves and Jehoshaphat and his army (led of course by the praise team) didn’t have to fight at all!

Praise is the voice of faith. If you really believe God has heard your prayers, you will start praising Him for the answer, even before you see it.

So I’m starting my list thanking God for something I don’t have yet, but will have based on His word.. it’s all I need!

  1. I’m thankful that God says in His word He will perfect that which concerns me.  Gus’ eyes see perfectly and he won’t have to mess with glasses at 4 years old.
  2. The 5 year olds I got to teach this morning at church.  It’s so awesome to ask them questions after the lesson and they can answer all of them.
  3. The talk I had with my mother in law this afternoon.  She always makes me feel better about things.
  4. That Gus loves his nana & papa so much.  He was not happy about them heading back to Tulsa today.
  5. Our children’s ministry takes teaching kids the word seriously!
  6. I got to go to a church service with Josh tonight..  a rare treat!
  7. A wonderful lunch at Babes with our new associate pastor Jelani Lewis and his lovely wife Erin.  Our church is so blessed to have such a wonderful staff.
  8. That God still speaks!!!
  9. The sweet lady at church..  I don’t know her name, but I have her daughter in class every week at church.  She found out about Felix and just wrapped her arms around me and prayed for me and cried with me.  Right there at the classroom door.  I love compassionate people!
  10. Gus told me he missed my face when I got home this afternoon
  11. The white lines in Beau’s chubby little arm rolls.. I guess it’s hard for the sun to get in there.
  12. He has lifted me from the pit of despair, our of the mud and the mire and set my feet on solid ground! (Ps 40:2)
  13. That my niece got hand picked to go to a day of leadership training through her church.  So glad people see the call of God on her life and want to help her develop it!
  14. Gus’ haircut.  I love seeing his whole face, ears, and neck.  They are usually hidden behind long hair.
  15. Beau likes shoes!
  16. My rocking chair.  I wonder how many hours I’ve spent there rocking, reading, feeding, singing to my sweet babies.
  17. That He strengthens me with all of his glorious power so I have the endurance and patience I need for whatever comes up each day.  (Col 1:11)
  18. Our wood floors.  God totally blessed us last year and we were able to get them put in for almost nothing!
  19. That Josh likes the same shows as me.
  20. The way God’s grace was all over Gus when we lost Felix and he never had to know we lost the baby.  He’s just happy we will have another one someday.  Truly a miracle!
  21. I know that HE is for ME!
  22. That nana & papa made it home safely.
  23. For all the thousands of people tonight gathered at Gateway Southlake worshiping together and expectant to hear from God!
  24. That my entire family is only 4 hours away.
  25. For the little cardio workout I got this morning singing “There Was A Wise Old King” in class.  It was fun watching all of the kids sing that one.  And knowing my father in law was the one singing it.
  26. For the song “You Lifted Me Out” by Chris Tomlin.
  27. That Beau is talking more and more all the time.  She’s so fun to communicate with.
  28. For the drive home from Southlake.  Listening to Gus sing worship, Beau working some McNuggets, and having an anointed conversation with my amazing husband.

2 thoughts on “Day 7

  1. minnyhaggy23 says:

    Good stuff Sarah! I love that she was not afraid to show you she cared! Also I love love love hearing about your babies!!

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