Day 6

A few weeks ago I read Isaiah 8:18 and it jumped off of my iPhone at me and settled right into my spirit.  “Here I am with the children the Lord has given me.  The Lord almighty, whose throne is on Mount Zion, has sent us as living messages to the people of Israel.”  I love that idea.  Here we are (Josh & Sarah) with the children the Lord has given us (Gus, Beau, Felix and anymore we have) and the Lord has sent us to be living messages!   To be signs, symbols, proof, reminders, or object lessons.  I know the idea for this blog came out of speaking that over our family.  And I’m thankful for the readers that are being reminded of God’s goodness, his love and faithfulness through the everyday things going on in our family.  So 1st up tonight..
  1. God is using our family to be living messages for HIM!
  2. Papa brought me a peach from Tulsa.  It was better than candy and I happen to love candy.
  3. Gus enjoys Laffy Taffy jokes like me.  Q. Where does the general put his armies? A. In his sleevies!
  4. Gus and his papa have made many memories going to Starbucks together for coffee and chocolate milk.
  5. For the story my mom recently told me about the night her and my dad first met.  They left a line dancing place to go talk about the Holy Spirit.
  6. Inn & Out Burger decided to share the love with Texas.
  7. God gave me a nose to smell with.
  8. For Gucci Envy.  Josh’s cologne.  When he remembers to wear it, it’s delightful.
  9. That God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness.  (2 Corinth 2:9)
  10. For the fun morning I had bowling with nana, papa, Gus & Beau.  We were terrible, but we had a good time.
  11. My Pastor, Robert Morris is back from his summer and study break!!!
  12. Our new 5th & 6th grade class “Mix56” opened for the first time tonight at our campus and Josh said it was  a very anointed service!
  13. The Stila makeup brushes my mom bought me on my 18th birthday.   I still use them everyday almost 10 years later.
  14. For North Star Church.. which led us to Gateway Church.  I love how God orchestrates our lives.
  15. Gateway Frisco welcomes Josh & Anna Hall this weekend!  Excited to have Josh as one of our children’s pastors.
  16. 1,082 people have visited 10kreasons in the last 6 days!
  17. That thankfulness is contagious!
  18. I am body and soul bursting with health!  (Prov 4:22)
  19. I have a husband that I miss like crazy when he’s not around.
  20. I’m running the race He set for me, living in grace that made me free, finding my place in history!
  21. My kids’ Papa was Nicodemus on The Gospel Bill Show.
  22. For the children all over the world that The Gospel Bill Show had an impact on.  We are blessed and our kids are blessed because of all of the seed he sowed into kids.
  23. Both of our parents tithe and taught us to tithe.
  24. Growing up we were NEVER allowed to miss church.  Taught me how to put God first.
  25. Beau is doing so good with her new one nap a day schedule.
  26. My mother in law always does so much to help when she comes to stay..  would not let my pile of laundry sit there unfolded even though I told her I would get it later.
  27.  Pastor Robert likes Presbytery.. I do too and can’t wait to be at our Presbytery service on Tuesday!
  28. I can tell when I pick the kids up from church that their spirits have been ministered too.  They are so happy and excited every Saturday night on the way home.

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