Day 5

This morning I was looking back in my journal at a prayer list we had made in 2009.  I’m so glad I kept it.  It was encouraging to look at and check… check… check… check off so many of the prayers that He had answered.   There were a few things though that I couldn’t check off, prayers that hadn’t be answered yet.  Things I had kind of forgotten about all together, but seeing how faithful God had been over the rest of the list encouraged me to pick those things back up and believe God that at some point I will be able to check those off of the list as well.  So I’m kicking off my list tonight with a few of the prayers we prayed in 2009 that God has answered.

  1. We were able to sell our house in Tulsa “for sale by owner” (check)
  2. We made $40,000 off of that house.  A figure God told Josh to believe for, even though it seemed crazy. (check)
  3. That my sister Mindy would get plugged in to a good church!  (check)
  4. Car paid off.  (check)
  5. Fireplace in our next house. (check)
  6. For my journal!
  7. For Matthew 7:11 – I’m going to keep on asking because He is good!
  8. That Gus got to spend the day with his new friend from Minnesota.  Conversations between a 3 year old girl and 4 year old boy are pretty much adorable.
  9. My mom and dad have a new church home that they love.
  10. That Batman was in my living room this morning singing praises to Jesus.
  11. For the kids praise and worship songs my husband and father in law have written that fill our house everyday.  There’s nothing like hearing our kids sing out the word of God.
  12. We were together as a family all day today.
  13. Hint Water!  Mango & Grapefruit flavor is such a treat.
  14. That I can cook.  This hasn’t always been the case.
  15. For our first house in Tulsa that the Holy Spirit totally helped us pick out.
  16. That all of our bills are paid.
  17. For the Beers family and the excellent example they are to us.  They love God and have raised their kids to love God and have a real relationship with Him.
  18. For the pastor’s wife in Ohio that challenged their congregation to get started on their 10,000 reasons.
  19. That I made $75 on Ebay this week and got rid of clothes no one was wearing around here.
  20. We are ahead on our Disney World savings goal!  93 days to go!
  21. That Josh’s dad still cuts his hair and did tonight.  Looking extra handsome!
  22. For Frisco!  I love where we live!
  23. My mother in law blessed me with some bare essentials lip gloss.
  24. For the name God gave us in the hospital for Felix.  It means Fortunate.  How cool is this verse we saw a few weeks after we picked the name.  Eccl 4:3 “But most FORTUNATE of all are those who are not yet born.  For they have not seen all the evil that is done under the sun”. It was like God was showing me we picked the perfect name.  He’s so sweet!
  25. That Josh’s family started the tradition of movie nights complete with a concession stand and play money.  Snow White was a hit at our house tonight!
  26. That Josh made all of us an awesome dinner on the grill.
  27. That Beau helps me pick out which books she wants to read every night.  I love that she has an opinion.
  28. Hearing my mother in law talk tonight about the things God told her about Josh before he was born.

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