Day 4

Psalm 100 is all about being thankful to the Lord for his faithfulness and it starts out make a joyful SHOUT or make a joyful NOISE to the Lord.  As I was reading this the word noise stood out to me.  I felt like the Lord was saying to me, make sure you always take time to vocalize your thank yous.  It’s great to take time and reflect on what I’m thankful for by typing it all out, but it does something to my heart when I hear myself talking to God about all of it.  I imagined myself getting a gift from Josh and going to write down somewhere that I was thankful for it, but never saying it out loud to Him.  Not cool.  I know God knows my heart and what I’m thankful for before I say it, but I’m going to be noisy about my reasons!

  1. That my parents sent Gus a picture of his “puppy” Norah with the card he made for her and how it made his morning!
  2. Neighborhood pool.
  3. That Beau isn’t the least bit concerned about how she looks in her swim suit.
  4. I am all HE says I am and HE says I am His own.
  5. Josh watches the kids every morning so I can exercise.
  6. That my nephew made the decision to join the Navy, served 5 years, and God brought him his wife there.
  7. That the same nephew, Justin, got accepted into ORU today and will have his tuition paid and get paid to go and study ministry thanks to the GI Bill!
  8. That God has put a calling on Justin’s life to minister to young men.  So exciting!
  9. That nana & papa (my mother and father in law) are here for the next 3 nights.
  10. That papa treated us to dinner at Kennys.
  11. For Chef Kenny Bower.  That guy is good!  He even manages to make salads amazing & I’m not a fan of salads.
  12. That papa filled our truck up with gas!
  13. For the message Josh taught all the kids at Wacky Week (VBS)  last week.  Gus got to sit in and he is still talking about how he wants to stay on the narrow road. (Matthew 7:13-14)
  14. That I got to sit by Gus in the car on the way to dinner and for the 3 times he told me I was beautiful.
  15. For the reminder that we are different.  Different by God’s design.  Different = unlike in nature, form, or quality.  We aren’t supposed to be “normal”
  16. For the beach chairs and umbrellas nana & papa bought for the kids to use in the back yard.
  17. That when we break down the word for our kids, God will show us things we’ve never seen before.
  18. For this awesome cartoon on Gideon. I used to go along with the Bible story.  Gus thought it was great.
  19. For Cupcakes Cubed.  Beau LOVES cake and she’ll tell you all about it, so I loved watching her Dida treat her to a cupcake tonight.
  20. That Gus called Josh “Dida” instead of “Daddy” when he was a baby and it stuck!
  21. That nana had already set aside money for Felix’s Christmas present and brought it for us tonight.  Such a sweet nana.
  22. That God inhabits the praises of His people, not only at church but in my bathroom while I’m blow drying my hair and singing Chris Tomlin. (Ps 22:3)
  23. For all of the promises God has shown me in his word while working on my confession/declaration of faith for future children and pregnancies.
  24. For the amplified translation and the way it “amplified” this verse I’ve know for as long as I can remember- 2 Tim 1:7.  I’ve always focused on what he hasn’t given me but this helped me to realize what he HAS given me.
  25. That my kids are sound asleep in their beds, not in a hospital bed.
  26. That Gateway Scottsdale has a website now!
  27. That my mom took time to teach me how to reconcile my checking account when I was a teenager.
  28. For my big sister Mindy and her sweet words of encouragement about 10kreasons.

One thought on “Day 4

  1. minnyhaggy23 says:

    So we were about to go to bed bc we have an early flight tomorrow but I told justin that we had to read your day!! He was so stoked he made 3/27!!! 🙂

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