Day 3

My husband had this awesome thought while jogging this morning.

“My wife began a campaign this year to be thankful for 10 thousand things over the next 365 days. Since she has started this, I have found that it has inspired me to want to give her more reasons to be thankful. Her thankfulness has inspired my goodness!

I believe this is the very heart and nature of God in our lives.  When we are thankful for the goodness of God in our lives, it touches the very heart of God and encourages Him to shower even more blessings upon us. A thankful heart is a floodgate to the blessings and goodness of God in our lives.”

Psalm 37:4, “Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.”

I LOVE that!  So first on my list…
  1. My husband and the great revelation he shared with me this morning.
  2. The hour in the morning where it’s just me and God.  The kitchen is still dark, everyone is sleeping, and I can pray and study totally undistracted.
  3. Beau can say the most important word in the world “Jesus”
  4. Josh keeps his body in shape!
  5. Beau’s eyelashes.
  6. Today Josh & Anna Hall are on their way from Minnesota to their new home in Frisco!  I can’t wait to have them so close and at Gateway with us.  They are true friends that are always sharpening us.
  7. Allie Brown was born!  Today is her birthday.  I’m thankful for her heart to serve in Amazing Kids and teach 4 year olds like my son Gus.
  8. Only 19 weeks til Christmas!
  9. The cloudy day.
  10. That we have 2 cars.
  11. For all of the times my husband has told me he’s proud of me for starting this blog.
  12. That God would speak to me in my kitchen while making dinner and give me the idea for this.
  13. Someone in France read 10kreasons yesterday!  So neat to share this idea with someone across the world.  If that is across the world.. I’m not great at geography, but I know it’s far.
  14. That Beau loves her bubba.
  15. The song “139” by David Moore.  Always loved it and love it even more after digging into that chapter in Psalms today.
  16. That God has me surrounded!! and His hand is upon me!! (Ps 139:5)
  17. The way Beau says Cinderella- “YeaYea”
  18. For the words God spoke to us about Felix the day after he was born “Felix Mattered”  The exact words that I needed to hear at the perfect time.  And so true.
  19. For his tiny tiny little footprints.  When I am missing him so much I can hardly stand it, it helps to go open up the little white box they are in and touch them.
  20. That we found a new video for “Jesus Is My Super Hero” on YouTube that Gus loves for Bible Time.
  21. That the devil is grinding his teeth in anger today.. His hopes thwarted!  (Ps 112:10) He messed with the wrong family and we won’t back down.
  22. Both of my kids love books!
  23. For having to park far away from the store today because no one in our family is handicapped.
  24. That when Gus makes his list of 5 things he’s thankful for each day his “puppy” Norah who hasn’t lived with us for 18 months always makes the list.
  25. God delivered me because He delights in me.  (2 Sam 22:20)
  26. That clean, safe water to drink is so easy to get to in America
  27. Matt Redman – the writer of 10,000 reasons.  You can watch a clip of his story behind the song here.
  28. Gus told Josh he learned about Gatorade today aka Gideon

***Josh pointed out that to get to 10,000 reasons in 365 days I would need to make my list go to 28 for 145 days.. so I added one more thing to my list tonight and will the next 144 nights after that***

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